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Website Update (Aug 2023)

New Logo Update

Update (July 2023)
New Logo Update New Characters - Professor Desmos, Jedidiah, Hunt (Future Era), Jace (Future Era)
Character Update - Video Introduction for Chrom, Stella, and Serena.Click on their photos for access


Every Hero has a Story

In Babylon, Biblical Era...

A Babylonian priestess who can see thousands of years into the future is being pursued by the king's royal advisor for her powers and beauty.

In Middle-Age Europe, Medieval Era...

A foreign mercenary from the Khan Dynasty loses his fiance during the Crusades. And he’d have to battle the Devil to get her back!

In New York City, Millennial Era...

A brilliant college student in science and tech accidentally breaks spacetime with a quantum computer he is building. And his best friend, a Junior FBI agent, chases a dangerous lead that lands him in a scandal close to home.


And then there’s Father Time XXI...

In a sudden twist of fate, this powerful Guardian of Space and Time makes a life-changing decision to retire from his duty of preserving history and keeping spacetime safe, by taking on the simplest life of a college professor...

...but after a fateful encounter with his students, this deity will have no choice but to report back to his duty, including what he does best--killing off time pirates from violating the sacred laws of time and space.

Cast of Characters

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